Our areas of expertise

Web application development

We design and develop new, or enhance existing web applications for your project.

With years of experience working with various technologies such as PHP, Ruby and various JS Frameworks we strive to deliver the best result possible.

Apache Traffic Server support and consulting

Apache Traffic Server is a stable, fast and versatile web-proxy. It's an integral part of our infrastructure. We highly recommend it to and support it for our customers.

Igor is part of the development team and release manager of Apache Traffic Server.

Web operations consulting

Our long lasting experience of running services in production on high-traffic sites with millions of users helped us grow with the most important challenges in the field:

Standardization and automation for a healthy infrastructure, as well as becoming a bridge between different teams.

Projects, clients and references

Wiener Wildnis logo

Magazine Platform

We designed and built the web platform for Wiener Wildnis, a Viennese Project about urban wildlife. It includes an extended version of the system we built for Popphackner and a forum and commenting system based on Vanilla.

Popphackner Photography

Photographer's Website

A custom built photographer's portfolio website, including an image library for over 3000 high-quality images, with a tagging system and a simple shopping cart.

The project is implemented with bacon and extensive use of KnockoutJS.

Bacon PHP Framework logo: an antropomorphized bacon strip standing next to the words Bacon PHP

The Bacon PHP Framework

bacon is a clean, minimalistic and fast MVC framework. Our goal is to ease web development and provide a solid foundation for common use cases.

Bacon is released under the Apache Software License.


Kommunalbedarf Online Shop

Kommunalbedarf is one of the largest suppliers for Austrian muncipalities.

We created their e-commerce platform based on Prestashop and customized it to integrate it into their existing infrastructure and workflow.


Vienna International Airport

Test environment management, automation, training of testers and debugging of the new software stack for the Vienna International Airport.

Dev-Ops Evangelism

Ongoing consulting for the data center team of RISE, in particular as a bridge between Development and Operations.

Carl Zeiss Meditec

Internal Management Tools

We developed an internally used Web Application for managing Zeiss' manufacturing process.

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